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Get the Right Perm for Your Dry Hair

Alkaline perms are considered to be one of the most popular perms in the modern world. The main reason for their popularity is simple, they give firmer curls that are more permanent when compared to acid perms. However alkaline perms have to be done on the right type of hair to give the desirable results. Waves resultant from the use of alkaline perms are commonly referred to as "cold waves" since they do not need any extra heat to process. Alkaline perms are ideal for thick, coarse and resistant hair.

Alkaline perms are not ideal for dry hair. The main reason why dry hair and alkaline perms dont mix is due to the fact that alkaline perms contain high levels of pH some rising to 9.5 which could be very high and damaging to dry hair. When looking for a perfect perm for your dry hair it is highly advisable to go for perms with lesser levels of pH to avoid causing damage to the hair. Alkaline perms may cause a damage to the scalp especially if used on untreated dry hair which is the other reason why dry hair and alkaline perms dont mix.

To avoid disappointment when getting the right perm for the dry hair here are some tips that might come in handy for the perfect look

- Give yours hair some deep conditioning before perming
- Use acids perms which have lower levels of pH
- To maintain the waves use a protective gear when you sleep.

In the quest for a great perm, great caution should be observed to ensure that it does not turn to be a disastrous affair. Get the right perm for your hair type. Seek advice from beauty experts if need be. If you get the basics right, perms have always been known to give women great stunning looks!

Written By: ammogie

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