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High Heels- The Crime Where Women Look The Other Way

We do call them killer heels due to many reasons. Irritating, uncomfortable and sometimes risky, the high heels are the genesis of ambivalence. However, many women who forces their feet into these high heels during special occasion can at least have a sigh of relief from the scientific evidence that proofs that high heels shoes truly do make women look gorgeous.

According to Portsmouth University researchers, heels define the way the whole body moves including hips, legs, pelvis, feet, shoulders and knees, to emphasize femaleness. Women putting on high heels receive higher rating in terms of attractiveness than those putting on flat shoes, although the judges are unable to see the bodies and faces.
According the research studies published in the Human Behavior and evolution journal, evolution can partially explain the increasing the status of high heels among millions of women. In case putting on high heels shoes emphasizes certain sex traits of the female, they may make them more attractive.

The women who participated in the study had a bout ten pairs of heels, and put them more than one times a week. They were filmed walking for five minutes putting on similar 6 cm heels, and plane shoes.
To strictly measure the effect of High heels on attractiveness with other factors held constant, the researchers employed a process referred to as point light display- lit markers are put a major body parts and the judges or raters see only these lights patterns as women walks. All the women when wearing high heels were rated better looking than when wearing flat heels.

The researchers also observed the way women walk when putting on high heels. They revealed a medium woman walked quicker, shifting from 104 to 108 steps per minute, however with shorter strides- from 1.22 m to 1.00 meters. The Judges rated the women wearing high heels as very attractive as those in flat heels do. This explains why high heels shoes have been fashion for years.

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