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Natural Ways to Use Honey for Facial at Home

Honey is very beneficial for the human skin. It has natural antibiotic properties so that is the reason why bees use honey to feed themselves and their young ones. The separate enzymes helps the bees to create an antimicrobial and antibiotic surface, thus the honey stays fresh. These antimicrobial and antibiotic properties are ideal for facial cleansing purposes. The skin can absorb honey in a natural manner. Honey also has antioxidant properties that helps to cure any damage done by the sun. If one is exposed to the sun for long hours, free radicals are caused. Honey’s antioxidant component helps to get rid of these free radicals. Thus it can be seen that honey has many advantages. Some homemade honey facial cleanser recipes are mentioned below. 

1) One teaspoon honey, One tablespoon yogurt (preferably the low fat ones), one teaspoon almonds (finely ground), two teaspoons oats (finely ground), a single drop of lavender essential oil. 


All the ingredients should be mixed well. Next the skin should be dampened by warm water and the mixture should be scrubbed on the damp skin. 

2) Banana and honey


A banana should be mashed and mixed with a few drops of honey. Then this mixture should be applied to the skin as it works great in skin firming. Bananas contain Vitamin A which blends with the antioxidant properties of honey to refresh, cleanse and repair the skin.

3) Avocado and honey


An avocado should be mashed and mixed with honey properly to make a rich paste. This paste works great as a moisturizer. Avocado consists of natural oils that provides the appropriate amount of moisture the skin requires. The honey holds the moisture inside the skin.

4) One tablespoon of honey, 2 cucumber slices, one teaspoon olive oil and one egg yoke.


All the ingredients should be mixed well except the cucumber as that is for the eyes. The face or skin should washed properly and then a moisturizer should be applied. Now, the mask should be applied and kept for about 20 minutes. After rinsing off the mask with water, an ice cube should be rubbed all over the face to have the pores closed. This method acts like a complete honey spa facial. 

Written By: pritika_merry

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