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Running Against Time? Don't Let Your Looks Suffer

The modern woman is forever trying to meet deadlines be it familial or professional and is making every possible effort to balance her career and her family. Making time for the usual beauty routine thus becomes almost impossible.There are many ways by which you can use the simplest methods and ingredients so as to give your face and body the desired look. Here are some easy to follow time saving beauty tricks to help you on those days when you face an acute time crunch.

* Try not to go psychedelic with colors on your face. If you use the same shade on your face, lips and eyes, you not only add a lot of softness and glow to the face but will automatically be saving on time as you'll not have to coordinate the colors of the lip color or eye shadow. Just blend in the color used on the face to your lips and eyelids and pull back your hair to help the face look its smoothest and most glowing. Just a dab of loose mineral powder and you're good to go.

* Bad hair days are not peculiar to you alone.Here's how you handle it in a jiffy. Massage the roots with some serum and finger dry .Do not use a comb if the hair is not too tangled.Roll up strands and pin on the side of the head and let the Greek Goddess look, do the rest.

* After a late night of working over the presentation or if the baby kept you awake, shouldn't make you look ill the next day.Do up your eyes well before you step out of the house. Go heavy lidded by adding coats of powder between the coats of mascara.

* Open up your eyes to perk up your face.Add a light color to the lids and use a white liner on the lower lid before using a kohl pencil to outline your eyes and see them really 'pop'.

* Who says good skin needs long hours of pampering. A ten minute face pack in the evening after you get back from work, will rejuvenate your skin like no make up can. Mix a teaspoon of lime juice, a teaspoon of olive oil, half a teaspoon of honey and an egg white, to make a hydrating mask. Leave it on for ten minutes an wash off with plain water. Leave skin uncovered for the rest of the evening to allow the pores to breathe freely .

Beauty need not be a result of time consuming methods but a focused look at what's viable an available to you.Go on make the most of what time you have available with these time saving beauty tricks.

Written By: shm2203

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