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The Link Between Your Nails and Your Health

Our nails can reveal things about our health. A dash of white color, a tint of pink or swelling may be signs of some diseases in the body. The nails may indicate problems in our liver, lungs or heart.
Pale nails
Nails that have a pale aspect, in some cases can be signs of serious diseases amongst them being congestive heart failure, liver disease, anemia or undernutrition.
White Nails
Nails that are mostly white are indicating some liver problems, such as hepatitis.
Yellow nails
Yellow nails have among their most common causes fungal infections. In the case the infection worsens, the nail bed may withdraw, and nails may expand and break. In rare cases, yellow nails can indicate a more serious condition, like thyroid or lung diseases, diabetes and psoriasis.
Bluish nails
Nails with a tint of blue can signal that the body does not receive the required amounts of oxygen. This might be an indicator for pneumonia, a lung disease. Bluish nails can also be linked to heart problems.
"Curly" nails
If the surface of the nail is slightly wrinkled, it can be take as an early sign of psoriasis or inflammatory arthritis. This kind of nails oftenly present a pretty common discoloration.
Dry or cracked nails
Dry, cracked and separated nails have been associated with thyroid disease. Their crack, which may present a yellow hue, is most likely caused by a fungal infection.
The "puffy" edge of the nails
If the skin surrounding the nails is red and puffy, it signals a nail inflammation. This can be caused by lupus or other connective tissue disorders.
Black lines under the nails
Black (or dark) lines under the nail are not to be misread and should be investigated very quickly. This nail problem is sometimes caused by a very dangerous disease called melanoma, a very severe and life-threatening kind of skin cancer.
Frayed nails
If you fray your nails, it is most likely a nervous reflex. However, some cases show us signs of a persistant kind of anxiety that should be treated. This custom was also linked to obsessive-compulsive disorders.

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